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Kaizen United is a Market Leader in outsourcing, project management, and staff augmentation in Kuwait. Our services go beyond recruitment, placing and focus additionally on the development of both job seekers and Client Companies.

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  • Fahad Ghannam AlBasman Bldg. No. 34 Floor - Office No. 57 Farwaniya, Kuwait
  • (+965) 5111 8147
  • Week Days: 10:00am to 7:00pm Friday: Closed

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+965 5111 8147


Providing the right Candidates for the specific job position needed by the Company. We can hire Applicants from Local and Overseas.





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Kaizen United’s Staff Recruitment offer a perfect blend of matchless service to both companies and individuals by delivering world-class talent that has undergone tests and programmes to ensure their relevance in a competitive market through seamless transitions to work environments in need of such talents in Kuwait and abroad.

With a client-focused approach, Kaizen United is only interested in improving business and career performance. We intend to provide assistance in as many ways as possible to ensure that an exact match of requirements for manpower by our client companies. With our 90 offices spread across Kuwait, filled with trained specialist that relentlessly monitor the conditions and requirements of the market in real-time, have absolute faith in our reach and network, as well as an experienced team of scouts and appraisal personnel to get the most qualified human resource and develop customized decisions to maximize the strength of the client company at present.


If you’re finding it hard to make contact with specialist contractors that meet your requirements or you have trouble meeting the high costs that some of these professionals require for their services, then take advantage of the strong depth of relationships we’ve built with these experts, some of which are predictably unavailable through many other sources.

Simply make your criteria known to us, and leave the search to us. With Kaizen United, wealth flexible and cost-effective specialist resources to complement the workforce you already have will no longer be ideal, rather, it is about to be a reality. Expect us to tilt the grounds of negotiations in your favor when it comes to cost reduction for the services to be hired as well as challenges such as restrictions on tenure for the contingent resource, low engagement, inability to improve the skills of owned labor over long term periods and skill shortage.

While the large spread of our network is rich in Kuwait, Kaizen United customer services company is also capable reaching beyond the borders of Kuwait for the service you require, we will hold nothing back in our keen desire to assist you in equaling the prerequisites of the global economy. Our services also include setting up a notification window in case of the drop of the most recent crop of potential additions to your workforce or latest job opening for individual clients. Meanwhile, we can offer outplacement services to make sure your company enjoys the increase in productivity, loyalty, and engagement that commercial systems that now apply the use of outplacement now enjoy.


On the other hand, Kaizen United has also extended assistance to people in order to get their career on track over the years, by helping them with links to get jobs, advice and skill training in special circumstance to help them keep their jobs or get better jobs. Kaizen United has also established relationships with employers and institutions to hasten the search while our unique job searching algorithm is finetuned to alert you as soon as a worthy opportunity becomes available. Also, look towards our teams to assess your capabilities and advice you on the proper course of action in case your skills do not meet up to the opportunities you desire. With time to value increments through leadership coaching workshops, ability development training and potential encouragement, we seek to ensure that you are of optimum value when compared to requirements of the market.

"Your Success is always our Priority"

We are confident that we can work beyond your expectations and reach your primary goals.