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Kaizen United is a Market Leader in outsourcing, project management, and staff augmentation in Kuwait. Our services go beyond recruitment, placing and focus additionally on the development of both job seekers and Client Companies.

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  • Fahad Ghannam AlBasman Bldg. No. 34 Floor - Office No. 57 Farwaniya, Kuwait
  • (+965) 5111 8147
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+965 5111 8147

Social Media Targeting

Let our Marketing Team guide you on choosing the best Social Media Platform that could help your Brand Name reach the peak of Online Presence





Let our Team work for you!



We will analyze your products and service, determine a target market and prepare strategic plans to ensure that your brand name reaches its peak of online presence and awareness. We will grow your social media following using relevant people, referrals and word of mouth as often as possible as well as other established algorithms for promoting your social powers. Furthermore, we will help you increase engagements – which includes the number of likes and comments – on your social media posts and can offer to permanently handle that aspect of your business.
Kaizen United craft the best social media campaign that will build relationships between the brand and the clients or customers. We take advantage that when strong engagement is built around a product or service, the greater the possibility that the product or service will be sought after for purchase. Our social media campaign spreads across platforms such as;
Facebook, where we can utilize the 2 billion users who are active every month. With Facebook, which is the leading social media platform, you can rest assured that you can reach your preferred target audience.
Instagram, the most popular platform for businesses with 60% of its users exploiting the platform for business purposes, deservedly so, as the structure of the system is very straightforward, using pictures and a caption to send messages to a worldwide audience.
Twitter, used to build up a trusted reputation of over 330 million people across all ages. Thus, building the influence of the brand.
Pinterest, with Kaizen United, you can make the best use of the social media platform that is factually the best marketing service for consumer goods. A platform that becomes a better choice with its perfect audience of women with middle-high income streams at the average.
LinkedIn, a service meant to connect business owners and people with defined goals and objectives. With this media, you can reach out to the most congregated gathering of professionals, of an average audience of college students and lecturers as well as business oriented people above the age of 25.
Also, by establishing social media campaigns that will control traffic towards your website. Improving the quality of traffic of your website has a directly proportionate effect on the leads and sales of your business products and services.
Our social media marketing offer will include dedicating a team to manage your social media outlets, this team will delve themselves into the vision and structure of your business. As your primary contact, they will join heads together with our analysts to develop a social media marketing strategy tailored to your business after competitive analysis of the market and developing a buyer’s persona to simulate the effect of the strategy. You can meet to set up a communication portal and times for progress reports – these can come weekly, bi-weekly or monthly – or you can choose to communicate daily with the team via email, or schedule a call for when its convenient for both parties.
Once the Kaizen United social media marketing delegated to you has presented the strategy to you and your modifications, if any, has been taken into consideration, we will create advertisements, banners and content unique to the style and vision to your business. Of course, you will get the opportunity to review the created content. Our services include daily management and optimization of the growth. We will monitor engagements with the audience; comments, messages, and reviews while organizing schemes like hashtags and contests to drag your company brand to the peak of its online presence.

"Your Success is always our Priority"

We are confident that we can work beyond your expectations and reach your primary goals.